Raph, a brave explorer, and his companions have crash-landed in a mysterious corner of a strange planet. Now Raph must hunt for the spare parts needed to fix their skyship. And save his girlfriend too!

Fortunately, our hero has access to the amazing GEMMA, the Gyroscopic Exploration Multidimensional Multiterrain Apparatus. It's a small explorer vehicle that works like a spinning top, which is perfect for the crazy part of the world our characters are trapped in.

Controlling GEMMA needs some practice. Its spin needs to be controlled carefuly, as the degree of spin - and therefore its overall speed - directly affects its movement and behaviour. GEMMA can also be upgraded with special abilities to help you on your journey.

Sounds like a solid platform/puzzler, don't you think?

Along with the immersive gameplay, you can also expect:

А fusion of genres. An original concept with roots in the old school classics like The Lost Vikings and Bubba 'N Stix.

Multiple worlds and environments with different types of puzzles. All environments have their own distinctive features that affect gameplay.
Breathtaking physics model. Topatoi is all about the physics, which is well-crafted and provide a truly unique experience.

Multiplayer modes. You can play on split-screen multiplayer modes with The Great Tree Story episode. And the second episode brings new levels and cooperative fun to your arcade mode.
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